Custom Essay

Writing a custom essay upon your college tutors request is something you face on a regular basis. However, there’re certain things you need to know to make this piece of writing effective and successful. Learn more from our article.

How to write an impressive custom essay

Writing an original piece is something not all of us are magnificent at. It requires much experience and skills as well as an excellent knowledge of a subject. On top of that, it requires much time which not all busy students can afford. That’s a reason why we have decided to introduce you to a brilliant list of tips on crafting an excellent custom college essay as well as what services one can use to get help in a process.

How to create a brilliant custom college essay

Before anything else, you need to make sure you have enough time for it. Bear in mind that for creation of unique texts you’ll need up to several days of choosing a perfect topic, research on materials, analysis of research results, drafting, editing, etc. This is a long and time-consuming process, especially if you’re aiming for nothing less than perfection. Therefore, if one’s too busy to deal with it right now, maybe he can opt for seeking help from custom essay writing services like Paper2Write.


Paper2Write is a writing service which is striving to provide its customers with only the best results. It’s with the help of such services that specialize in this area and function in the same fashion that students get their papers done on time. Therefore, if you’re tired of slaving on papers night after night, then ordering a custom essay at us is exactly what you need. Now, let’s see how it works.

Things you should know about our writing services and ways we can help you with your writing

Paper2Write is a successful company that is specialized in creating unique and exciting texts on a request of customers. Our service offers crafting different documents on all possible topics from a wide range of disciplines. Thanks to a team of qualified writers, our clients are always happy once they get their orders back. We value your time, strive to deliver the highest level of services and only create original texts that were never used before. We guarantee that requirements of our users are always met and instructions are followed in the exact fashion they were left when you ordered a custom essay.

However, with a growing number of companies which provide such services on the market, how can you know which one to opt for? We have an answer to this.

Why should you choose us?

The answer is simple: we strive to be the best and make a difference in our niche. We provide the best customer support service with a possibility for you to have an answer to questions which are bothering you within the shortest time possible. You can contact your writer and leave some specific notes and remarks for him/her to pay attention to as well as edit your description of an order without problems. We have flexible pricing which depends on the time you applied for texts to be crafted as well as its volume and level of writer’s proficiency it requires.

Finally, we’re against plagiarism in any form. Paraphrasing and citing the relevant works is allowed only if the client requests it. Oher than that, writing is all original and fresh which makes our custom essay writing services better many other options on a market.

Our benefits

Now as you understand why our company is your best choice, you should also be aware of our benefits.

  1. Reasonable prices.
    We do not overcharge our clients for services we provide. Besides, there’re no hidden fees and commissions emerging out of nowhere at the end. So, here’s our number one benefit.
  2. Security
    You can feel safe about the transactions you will make in the process. There’re no risks or suspicious schemes involved, as we value our clients and conduct only transparent business.
  3. High quality of writing
    Our customers get what they came for: brilliant custom essays which come before the deadline, edited, and proofread by real professionals who love what they do and know this area well enough to trust.
  4. All topics covered
    Writers working for us can create perfect pieces of writing on any topic one suggests with no problems. You can trust us and our experience.

How our system works?

Principles of job performance are very simple: one registers with our system, providing all the necessary information our company might need including his personal data, contacts, payment details, etc. Then he fills out a form about an order he wants to make. We ask our clients to specify details, as our writers will stick to their instructions and include everything they marked as important and relevant.

Thus, the more details you provide, the better quality text you get. You can communicate with the writer in a process of him/her crafting a custom essay for you. So, in case any specifications should be made, you can always contact our Customer Support representatives to help you get in touch with a person assisting you.

That’s everything you need to know about our system. As you see, it’s developed in such a way that a user can order writing pieces in no time and get consulting and support he needs in the meantime.

However, if one’s still willing to give writing a custom essay on your own a try, he should consider checking out our simple yet practical tips to get a better understanding of what he’ll do.

How to write an excellent custom college essay?

Writing a good piece for you college tutors is not as easy as it sounds since there are numerous traps and things one should bear in mind on the way. However, it’s all possible with our effective tips on creating a good article without help of custom essay services we’ll present in our article.

Writing a custom essay: what should you know if you are not a professional writer?

If one’s determined to write it all by himself, then he should meet a full guide on how to craft a great custom essay without the help of professional writers. Even before you start writing, keep in mind that it’s a rather time-consuming procedure, so you should start early enough to meet the deadline. You’ll need some time to brainstorm a topic, establish a clear goal of this writing, find exclusive examples to prove your ideas, create and outline, edit, and proofread. As you see, with such an amount of stages you will go through when creating a good piece, you’ll need more time than for a regular school paper. So, start in advance. However, let’s first make sure we are talking about the same thing and define what a custom essay is.

What is the custom essay?

This type of article is what most of students have to create on a regular basis. It means that a tutor expects you to come up with a fresh perspective on a particular subject. It should be all yours with no ideas borrowed from other sources. On top of that, it should include some parts which are unique to your personality. Now, let’s see what it consists of.

Main paragraphs of the college custom essays

These articles should begin with a bright and witty introduction that smoothly flow into well-structured main body sections. These sections should reveal and disclose the primary goal of this writing as well as illustrate and prove your point of view.

Make sure these paragraphs are not too lengthy but rather compact and informative. The general system for writing pieces of this type states that there’s one main point behind each paragraph and two examples which justify it and demonstrate its validity. The shorter your paragraph is, the easier it is to read this article for users. You’ll not lose its sense but win time and increase interest of your target audience.

Your task here’s to present and demonstrate a central concept using space limits you are given. So, present the information and do not overestimate readers’ ability to follow your ideas amidst all the wordiness and excessive amount of details.

Tips to keep in mind when writing a custom essay

There’re tons of useful tips we can inform you about. However, we have picked the best ones to make your writing excellent and improve your skills.

  1. Use short sentences.
    There’re a lot of programs which will help you check the “flow” of your texts. Professionals state that short sentences used in accordance with the grammatical rules can be as good as lengthy classic prose. However, remember that not all of your readers are as sophisticated as those reading the classics, and you should not risk the success of your custom essay by making your target audience go through the maze of complicated phrases and massive amounts of prepositions which could have been omitted.
  2. Use transition phrases.
    One should also add up to the flow of a piece by adding additional transition phrases to make the reading smoother. For instance, transitional words and phrases like “besides,” “because of this,” “after all,” “by comparison,” “on the other hand,” “in the same fashion,” “therefore,” “even if,” r “in addition,” can help the readers get through the text in one breath.
  3. Stick to instructions.
    No matter how dull it might sound, you need to stick to instructions to meet expectations of your tutor. Otherwise, your efforts will be in vain.

These tips, though quite simple and self-explanatory can be a real find for you. So, make sure to follow them when writing a piece for your college.

Remember that ordering a paper from us is always an option. We’re willing to offer you a paper full of ideas which you can use in your writing as a source of backup an understanding of the discipline. The procedure for it was mentioned above. So, once you order a custom essay from our writing service, you can consider it done.

What are the rules of creating a good custom essay?

With a number of stages you need to go through on your way of setting up a perfect piece, you can always miss important points of a process. That’s a reason why we have decided to mention all these tips in one article for you to save and apply the next time you have troubles coming up with ideas.

Come up with the perfect topic

I believe this should not be a problem for you. Just think of the things you are closely familiar with and pick one of the topics available in that area. You should have a profound knowledge of the material to be able to demonstrate the level of your proficiency.

What is the best beginning of your text?

An introduction to your text should be catchy and memorable. You should put extra thought into this, and some professionals even recommend writing this part at the very end of the writing process. Make it unforgettable and just stunning. Spice it up with some interesting facts or even statistical data to intrigue your readers. No matter what strategy you opt for, make it count! As you see, the introduction is hard to overestimate.

What are the ways of writing custom essay sections of the main body?

There’re several options of how you can present your ideas in the main body. The main point to bear in mind is that each paragraph stands for one idea and is aiming to reveal its deepest meanings.

However, concerning a way to present these ideas, you have a broad range of options. You can either contrast your view with an opposite one to unmask the weak points of the latter. This method is called comparison and contrast one. On the other hand, you can compare it to a similar idea no aiming to reveal the imperfections but rather trying to illustrate your thoughts and support them.

Another thing you can try is persuading a reader that your point is the only correct one among the rest of choices available. However, this method is not always applicable. Nevertheless, these rules can bring your writing to a new level.

A proper conclusion to your article

Conclusions should also be made flawless. They leave a reader either fully satisfied or feeling as if something is missing. Therefore, to ensure your readers understand everything and finish reading having your ideas stored in mind, you have to create a concluding paragraph which will summarize all ideas presented above as well as a call for an action or a question one should answer in the end. So, conclusions are vital.

Phrases to liven up your custom college essay

Custom college essays require the specific level of qualification of the writer as well as profound understanding of the discipline. By using “smart” phrases, you will change the way readers perceive the personality of writers as well as concepts they explain. So, instead of “and” you can say “furthermore,” “as well,” “including,” or “together with.” Meanwhile, you can also opt for better synonyms for other words as well as adding additional transitional phrases to make the text sound better.

All things taken into consideration, creating an excellent custom essay is possible especially for those who use our tips and apply our principles.