Descriptive Essay

Among many types of essays, descriptive ones are most commonly used at universities as well as other educational institutions. They teach us providing proper explanation to how we felt, what we thought, or what conclusions we made considering this issue. And given frequency each student is given an assignment of this type with, we have decided to provide with information everyone should know when coming up with ideas or structuring his texts. Therefore, do not miss it!

How to write an interesting descriptive essay

Don’t get scared; composing such a piece should be of no problem for you whatsoever. It is simple; it requires no special research or analytical skills which makes it perfect for students of all backgrounds. However, there are still several things which can make compositions outstanding. Without them, you are more likely to miss your ultimate goal and waste several precious hours on doing something that won’t even count. If it’s not something you’re willing to do, then save these tips till the next time you start working on creation of an interesting piece.

How to write college descriptive essay without going crazy

It’ll take time. It’ll require much creativity as well as ability to think originally and what some people call “out of the box.” However, this writing is way easier than argumentative or admissions essay which requires analytical skills, persuasiveness, perfect communication skills as well as excellent self-organization. Nevertheless, it might not be as easy as some students claim. So, let’s explore secrets and valuable tips of outstanding descriptive texts creation.

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Descriptive Essay Writing Help

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How can you find a good topic for a descriptive essay?

It’s another valid question one should ask himself before getting to work. Finding good themes is what it takes to have great results in the end. We can give an example of what you might choose as a topic for an essay:

This is not a full list, but it should give you a clue of what you should be writing about in such texts. However, it’s not everything you should be aware of when composing such pieces. So, let’s see what else you should know when creating perfect texts.

What should one know before starting work on descriptive essays?

There are lots of things which one should bear in mind. We cannot explain all of them; nevertheless, we’ll mention those who make your writing unique as well as excellent. In short, students need to make a list of format requirements their tutors want them to meet as well as ideas to develop in their writing. Without it, all their efforts might be in vain, as essays have to be well-organized and perfectly-structured. Let’s first talk more about their structure and a definition of a descriptive essay as such.

What’s a descriptive essay?

This piece of writing is concentrated on describing moments, feelings, thought, or whatever else there is to describe. Such pieces encourage using flowery language accompanied with numerous phrase-mongering statements. It’s not merely about facts or dry evidence. You should add more to descriptions of your text if you want to make it work. It should serve one goal: narrate what something felt like at some point. For this, you can use several things.

Main parts of such a narration

Just like any other essay, it should consist of three major parts. Begin with writing a compelling introduction. Its primary purpose is that of drawing attention as well as heating up readers’ interest. Students mostly know about an importance of such paragraphs in their texts: when not done properly, they’re destined not to be read completely.

Other important parts of such articles are main body sections. They should serve one goal of illustrating or supporting some ideas. In a case of descriptive articles, they can be used as a separate piece which will describe different senses present at various points of author’s story. They say including all five senses to one’s text is the key to success, as readers will get to experience such texts to their fullest. However, we’ll tell you more about it later.

Finally, comes time for conclusions. Not only they should be there after each paragraph, but also at the very end of your text summarising all details along. Professionals say one should also leave readers with some thoughts which he led everyone to in the course of a story. This structure might vary slightly, but most people use this as a standard to comply with.

Primary recommendation on descriptive essays composition

Our principal point here would be as follows: divide all your work into several stages. You’ll make it easier. On top of that, you’ll avoid a number of possible mistakes.

Stages of narration composition:

  1. Brainstorming.
    Before you proceed to other stages, make sure you went through this one carefully. You should brainstorm for ideas as well as look for things which justify your position. Meanwhile, at this point, you should remember details crucial to an event in question as well as all the five sense associated with them. Finally, answer why your subject is important for others.
  2. Creating outlines.
    Such pieces with fixed structure require proper outlines which you’ll stick to when writing. No matter whether you’re working on a descriptive essay about a person, a place like a beach, for instance, or a memory, it should have a structure.
  3. Writing.
    It’s self-explanatory. Just switch all of your five senses on, and you’re good to go.
  4. Revising.
    We’ll talk more about it later, but for now, you should just know whether you achieved what you wanted to, whether every was clear enough, as well as were there any parts which needed special attention when editing or even rewriting.
  5. Editing.
    One can always ask peers or tutors help him here, as this process is not a piece of cake. Sometimes when you work on some piece for too long, your brain can ignore obvious mistakes. Because of that, you need someone else who will have a look at your text and edit it for you.

When following these tips, remember that no matter how much time it might take, you should not agree for less than perfection.


However, if anything mentioned above seems like an overwhelming piece of work, you can always order such an article from services like ours. You’ll have professionals create it for you in no time saving your time, efforts, as well as preventing many sleepless nights or worried days. Apart from that, you can always find descriptive essays examples on our website. Everything you need is only a few clicks away.

Since you’re now aware of basic, we have decided to show you what more there is which you did not realise before. Just staying to correct stages when creating a good piece isn’t enough. Students should dig deeper or look at things from a different angle. We will guide through more details now.

How can one write a correct introduction?

Notions like “hooks” or “intrigue” we mentioned above are fundamental objects in your introduction. Creating them is a skill one can master with some practice on a regular basis. As they say, one is recommended using metaphors, interesting life stories, as well as factoids when writing them. It’s a huge chunk of information we do not have time to explain here, but one should learn more about it in his spare time.

Various main body paragraph approaches

This part isn’t as tricky as most people think. Only make sure you have each of these points in main body sections, and you are good to go:

When poorly structured or supported, paragraphs make little sense which results in the lack of readers’ interest.

Correct conclusions

Your conclusion should have some closing thoughts which create a better understanding for each reader what he was supposed to get from a piece as well as what actions he should take after finishing. Leave your reads content as well as satisfied with answers he found here along with challenges he took up. Don’t underestimate importance of this part, as without one can easily blow it.

Where one’s revision should start?

It should start right after you finish your writing. Make sure you added everything you found appropriate as well as important. Leave no ideas outside this text, since they might be crucial to better understanding of a piece as a whole.

Revision can be of different types. One can read it first in order to check whether everything in it makes sense, then ask peers or professionals check it too. Then proceed to check grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. For it, you can read it backwards sentence after sentence. Thus, you will ignore its meaning and focus on possible mistakes. Finally, see whether every statement was proved or whether every idea had a point in it. Check whether all sense are included in the description, or which ones are missing. Students can always find examples left online useful when checking whether everything is right about their essays.

Hopefully, our recommendations were helpful to you. They represent what our writers make continuous use of when creating unique pieces. Therefore, we believe you’ll apply them as well. Students might also use additional sources apart from these tips, as we did not aim to provide a limiting list, but rather an idea and general guidance on the creation of these pieces.