Guarantees we offer to our customers

Solid reputation is crucial for a service like ours as we rely on the word of a mouth as the main means of advertising. Poor quality of content, plagiarized data, failed deadlines, hidden charges – all these points ruin the reputation in half a shake. That is why we provide a set of strongly protected guarantees that every specialist of the service follows to make sure that we propose the best possible level of paper quality. We urge our customers to find out more about their rights and our guarantees so they know what to expect from us. Stay tuned to the updates of our policies, terms and conditions and guarantees to be able to get the most out of our services.

Money Back Guarantee

You are guaranteed to get a full money refund in case you are not satisfied with the quality of your paper or if something goes wrong. We fight your corner as satisfaction of our customers is vital to us. We strain every nerve to make the procedure of refunding as transparent as possible as not until then our customers will trust us. Usually it takes no more than 3 days to process a refund request, but quality-based requests require two weeks of processing.

Revision Policy

Each and every paper created by the writers of paper2write passes through several stages of verification to guarantee its quality. However, in the rarest case if you feel that the content of your paper doesn’t hit the spot, you can ask for a revision and we will do it for you free of charge until you are satisfied with it.

Privacy Guarantee

No one will know that you took an advantage of custom writing assistance as your personal information is strongly secured. It is never shared, rent or sold to the third party. We use collected personal information for such purposes: to boost the level of our web pages and make content of our site more customized so it will be more convenient for users to browse.

Plagiarism-Free Guarantee

paper2write Quality Assurance Department checks every paper with help of the enhanced plagiarism detection software to rest assured that writer has crafted it from scratch with no plagiarized content. When you receive an ordered paper you will also get an anti-plagiarism report attached to the e-mail.

Terms & Conditions

When you place an order here, you are buying the product for a personal, non-commercial use only. You will be the only owner of the product, and we do not store, publish or share custom papers written for your special benefit. Find out more about our terms and conditions to get acquainted with your rights and obligations here.

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