Narrative Essay

Narrative essays are the most popular ones among all of the assignments students get these days. This approach means that a writer is presenting some ideas in an expository fashion. Even though it is one of the most frequently chosen essays, not all people can state that they experience no troubles when writing this type of text. There are several pitfalls we all get into, and in this article, we will introduce you to the most efficient technique of composing excellent narrative essays.

How to compose compelling college essays of the narrative type

When writing this kind of articles, bear in mind the fact that you are telling the story with its plot and everything that a storytelling technique can mean. Think of your text as if it were a picture you have to paint. All brushes you make are with the precise verbs and vivid expressions. Add some examples to draw attention to particular parts of your painting and spice it all up with figures and polls you conducted.

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Writing excellent narrative college essays

If you have enough time for working on your narrative essay by yourself, then here’re some useful tips for you to bear in mind before you start working. These tips are essential, as they can make your piece memorable and vivid.

What’s a narrative essay?

Before you start writing your piece, let’s define what narrative essays really are. These writings are basically storytelling which is composed in the first person. This means that one should create texts which describe situations from his life or lives of people he knows. Less frequently, writers are composing texts in the third person. However, this format of narrative essays is not standard.

The structure of a narrative essay

What does this story consist of?

  1. Introduction
    First of all, it all begins with a vivid impression you want to make. Catch the attention of readers by leaving “a hook” in your text. Then set a scene or in other words explain where or when actions took place, who the main characters were, as well as why you decided writing about it. Finally, leave thesis statements at the end of introduction paragraphs.
  2. Main sections
    Then proceed to text’s main body which usually consists of several parts. In these parts, you should present different aspects as well as valuable details of your story. You should complement them with vivid examples along with chronological events development. Each of these paragraphs should have an aim and precise details it’s focused on.
  3. Conclusion
    Finally, comes the time for conclusion which will either leave an open end to readers so that they can create a closing for themselves or present a moral to the whole story. All events in one’s story should have a closing.

Tips to bear in mind when writing narrative essays

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How to create a narration correctly?

It seems like you now know everything you need for a perfect piece. However, we still want to specify a couple of things that are most commonly missed by students. Try remembering these tips to apply in writing.

Conduct research for good themes

If you’re willing to create compelling texts, only opt for interesting as well as profound ideas. Avoid picking things on the surface. Instead, think of a situation to describe a story which can possibly be analyzed later and developed. You don’t have to involve outside resources or make any references to a type of writing we are talking about here requires no such things. When thinking of good themes, try imagining what details should be added as well as how each character will change in the course of your story.

Strike up a perfect beginning

Stunning articles should begin in such a way that readers are intrigued from the first seconds of your writing. There must be an intrigue, or controversial facts, as well as some vibrant details serving as “hooks” drawing attention. You might opt for any of these methods; only make sure your target audience is excited and willing to keep reading.

Various methods of composing major sections

As in any story, you can share the plot in the first or the third person. A decision on this question only depends on which way seems more comfortable to you. Thus, whatever you pick, stick to explaining events development from this position.

Other than that, you might also consider telling your story, not in chronological order. Many authors opt to describe different moments of main character’s life in a way which is distinct from its real chronology. If this helps you create an intrigue and heat up readers’ interest, choose a method in question for your essay.

Perfect conclusion for your text

Your composition should end with a vividly expressed moral or a lesson readers should learn from a composition. You might analyze some facts presented in your piece or invite readers to reflect on it with you. A decision is yours; only make sure there is a proper closing.

Phases to go through in your narration

Since this type of essay we are talking about needs no specific background knowledge or thorough analysis made before writing, one should start with creating drafts and narration essay outlines in which he describes all characters, events, places, as well as developments. Drafts you created should fit all expectations and narrative essay format requirements since they will serve as a beginning of your writing; so, make it right.

Once a draft is finished, proceed to actual writing. Think of the best ways of catching attention, add vivid details and spice it up with implying to all five senses of a reader. Make sure to create a fantastic climax which will leave no one indifferent.

Finally, one should and proofread his writing. Nothing kills the sparkle in writing more than illiteracy or frequent typos. So, try eliminating any troubles which make your readers stumble every several seconds. Professionals also recommend having someone proofread your writing for you, as being an author some mistakes won’t be visible to you. Thus, you need the assistance of someone not familiar with this content.

All in all, you can easily create a narrative essay using all the creative ideas you have in store. Alternatively, order a text at a writing service like Paper2Write to save time and efforts you can otherwise use somewhere else. Keep our tips to apply them later when creating a unique text on one of the topics selected by your college tutor.