Original Essay

Creating an original article is a frequent task for students. This way instructors and tutors are trying to teach them better organization of their thoughts and stimulate critical thinking skills which will play an important role in the life even after college ends. That is why, you’ll meet the necessity to learn how to write these pieces on a regular basis. So, let’s see how one can deal with them.

How to create an interesting and original essay

The word original means that the essay you are composing is entirely yours with no thoughts or ideas taken from somewhere else. This is a part of your creative thinking education. However, as some of you will state, it is not the easiest task you’re dealing with at school. So, what can one do when struggling with composing original articles? There are two things you can apply here: you can either use help of the writing services like Paper2Write or write it all by yourself with the aid of our effective tips. So, let’s start with the first option.

Get help with writing an original essay

Systems like ours are meant to help students who are overloaded with academic tasks. If you have tons on homework, and your teacher wants you to write another unique article on a topic you’re not quite familiar with, then we are there to help you out.

Our system can help you create a piece of writing on any topic, and we will explain how this works in a few moments. Now let’s see why one should choose our company over the other ones as well as what our benefits are, and how he can start working with us.

What writing services do we provide and how we can assist you with your original essay on any topic?

First of all, you should be aware of the fact that Paper2Write have a team of experienced writers who can create a text on a wide range of disciplines and which will pass all the essay originality checks. We have enough relevant knowledge and do not give up if your text is too lengthy or challenging.

Therefore, if you’re a busy student having only 24 hours in a day to deal with a great load of academic pressure, and you realize that you have no time for writing another piece, we can easily help you out.

Why should you choose us?

It is quite a logical question, as we know that there are numerous other choices on the market which claim to be the best. However, with us you’ll get the highest level quality of a paper, the best Customer Support service, along with the fair pricing and entirely original essay meaning that the ideas and concepts in it are brand-new and created by our writer specifically for such a text and not taken from other sources.

Our benefits

To make sure you understand why we claim to be the best, let’s go through our benefits:

How it works?

Now as you know why we believe to be the best see how it works. There’re only a few simple steps you should go through before you can start working with us and order an essay. Just register with our system, add information on the payment details as well as personal data. And finally, mention all the information related to the essay description, requirements we should be aware of, as well as deadlines to meet. Now we can start working on creating your piece.

How to write a fantastic original essay by yourself?

If you’re still willing to master the skill of creative writing without the help of the third parties, then here’re the tips you should use in the meantime as a help when creating a memorable text.

What should you know about writing original content even before you start?

You should be aware of the fact that creating such a text is not an easy task and can be quite time-consuming. The creation of an article which will easily pass all the originality checks means that you need to study and research a great deal of content and materials, make a firm foundation for your own ideas expressed in a form of well-structured essays, and only after that real writing begins. So, be prepared to do much work which is basically paving the way for an article but is not an actual writing process yet.

What is an original essay on different topics?

The word “essay” originally meant a piece of writing in which some author presents his/her ideas or thoughts in a serious tone. This can also be just an informative article which explains some principles, narrates about events, etc.

Therefore, the piece you are composing should reflect your attitude to certain things as well as express some ideas which are unique and are only specific to you and your view of the situation. This is what you should know even before you start working on this piece. And also make sure you understand what such piece is supposed to consist of.

Main paragraphs of an original essay

There’re several things you should know about writing an original piece. It has a fixed structure that students have to stick to when composing high quality texts. You should start with creating drafts for these pieces which will be edited and changed later. Then you proceed to composing main parts of your essay:

This is what a proper text should consist of. On top of that, we also want you to see what great ideas are there for you to use when creating a unique text on any theme your school suggests for you.

Major tips on creating a unique article

If you want to impress your school instructors with a creative piece of writing you word essay, here’s what you can do. Even though some tips might look overwhelming to you, bear in mind that the origin of a word “essay” is a French word which expresses an attempt to do something. So, attempt and try your best to create a fantastic piece.


On top of all these tips, one can always use our help as well as examples provided by our authors to see these principles applied in their texts. We hope that you find them useful and apply them for justifying your position in a college essay.

How to write the original essay correctly?

Now, as we know all tips which will help you out and guide you even before a start of an actual writing, let’s see what we should know about actual writing process. How can you perform such a task properly? We have answers here.

Search and selection of topic

Unless you’re given a topic, choose something unknown and controversial. With such a topic, one will be able to present how he feels without having to find another way to look at a simple issue a lot of people looked at before him. However, even if you want to look original with a very well known topic, defend opinions of minorities to be unique.

Start with a correct beginning to your college essay

As we have mentioned beginning is what determines whether people are going to read your article or not. So, to make such beginning work for you, start a text with:

  1. A bright quote to illustrate your idea;
  2. Figures to support and lead us to a thesis statement;
  3. Real life example to point out important truth;
  4. A controversial statement by a famous person, etc.

These things will make your beginning bright. Now, let’s move on to the main body of your text.

Main paragraphs of the text

There can be as many as paragraphs as one wishes. However, keep in mind that it is better to keep these sections short and clear. Make sure that one paragraphs is dedicated to expressing one point with things to illustrate it and prove its correctness. Do not try to cover too much information in an essay. Just stick to rules that everything has to be yours, fresh, original and with a view on a situation which is typical of you. Think creatively and out of the box.

Choose a perfect conclusion to your original piece

There should be a relevant conclusion giving a short overview to a whole text at the end of your writing. Such piece should be short but informative with a call to action or a question to answer. Without it, your readers will be left wondering what your text was all about. So, keep these tips in mind and stick to a structure described here.

Perfect stages of every original writing

Original writing should always start with a brainstorming process and then end up in a process of creative organization of your thoughts. If not done so, one will end up feeling stuck and not able to write anything original or unique. Therefore, one has to make sure to brainstorm for ideas before he does anything else.

Then make sure to develop all of your ideas throughout texts. Do not just drop some pieces hoping that customers will learn that on their own. It is in your interest to be clear.

And finally, remember about the importance of editing and proofreading stages. One can either use the technologies to help him here or ask a professional to do it for him. No matter what he chooses, do not miss these stages.

We hope you find these tips useful, and wish you good luck in creating original texts for school or college.